We now offer Installations and Maintenance of Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Innovation, Style and Reliability

Our POS Systems are designed to be durable, to fit your design, to fit your budget and to help run your business.

No matter what type or size you are, we strive to provide our merchants with tailored Point of Sale solutions.

IT-Guy POS System Business Solution for Retail Shops

Stores require fast, accurate and efficient point of sale system. IT-Guy POS has developed a wide range of solutions to accommodate every business size and every budget. Our point of sale software solutions and hardware bundles with bar code scanning technology help keep the lines moving with easy to use interface and comprehensive inventory tracking. Vendors, purchase orders and inventory management are fast and easy. Employee tracking and in-depth reporting make management easy and allows owners to focus on other important aspects of their business. And with IT-Guy POS extensive technical support business owners can be sure their point of sale system runs smooth and efficient.